Where else besides St. Petersburg, build drawbridges in Russia?

When a resident of Russia hears about movable bridges, St. Petersburg comes first among the associations. Divorce bridges – this sight is filled with mysterious beauty. Crossings, colossi, heave into the air, allowing ships to sail further along the river. The night view, when in full darkness the illuminated “shutters” rise and fall, makes the hearts of city residents and visitors die away. However, such beauty can be observed not only in the northern capital. Many Russian cities also have drawbridges.

Are there drawbridges in Arkhangelsk?

The capital of the Primorye, Arkhangelsk, is famous not only for fish products and unusual stories from travelers. In this city you can enjoy the breeding of bridges, and this spectacle is not inferior to the beauty of St. Petersburg. In addition, in the port of Arkhangelsk is year-round navigation, so you can admire the elevation of the crossings both in summer and in winter.

Between 1 and 4 am, the connection between the banks of the Northern Dvina is interrupted. Of particular interest to the public are attracted the “old” – Severodvinsk and the “new” – Krasnoflotsky bridges. The first river crossing is the northernmost drawbridge. Its design needs constant installation, so before planning a trip, you need to know if the structure is not being repaired. From this position there is a beautiful view of the whole of Arkhangelsk, fascinating for any night shine of lights.

Krasnoflotsky Bridge, in contrast to the previous railway, is a road through the Northern Dvina. Its name comes from the island of Krasnoflotsky, which is located right in the middle of the structure. A piece of land is known not only for its position under the movable transition, but also for the festival. Large-scale rock concert “Bridge” is organized here.

Astrakhan’s fascinating bridges

Kirikilinsky Bridge – one of the updated drawbridges of Astrakhan. This design is famous for having a lot in common with the St. Petersburg bridge over the Neva River (which was named after Lieutenant Schmidt).

The lights located on the edges of the building, when bred, create the illusion of a wand stroke. Perhaps this is why many people advise to make a wish when raising their wings. Local residents are sure that the wish will come true.

The “old” bridge in Astrakhan rises less often; this sight cannot be compared with the breeding of a larger bridge in the city. On the construction of smaller lamps, they perform not decorative, but signal function. The wings unfold mainly during the day, on special occasions, so do not expect a spectacular performance.

Adjustable “American” on the Don river

Don is a waterway filling several regions of Russia. However, according to many eyewitnesses, the heart of the river is located in the Southern Federal District, namely in Rostov-on-Don. Therefore, the drawbridges of this city can be called the walls of the body.

The majestic construction is striking in size, but the rise of the wings can be called especially beautiful. Watching the breeding of river crossings – a special pleasure. As in St. Petersburg, there is a feeling of touching the story. The fact is that the local miracle – the double-track railway Don bridge – has turned one hundred years since the grand opening. In addition, the Rostov “American” was the first pipe crossing of this type in Russia.

The historical component can not fail to attract citizens and guests to this building. However, despite the age-old history, the river crossing does not look old at all. On the contrary, the bridge resembles modern constructions, due to which a feeling of genuine admiration arises.

Golutvinsky Bridge in Kolomna – a local attraction

At first glance, the pedestrian Golutvinsky bridge is a common river crossing, not attracting the attention of citizens and visitors. Appearance also does not distinguish the design from others, which can be found in small settlements. However, this structure is divorced at certain hours. Moreover, people can stay right on the wings of the bridge, participating in the process of separation of parts. The fact is that the bridge does not rise into the air, but smoothly spreads along the river. This process is reminiscent of the opening of the gate for ships sailing by.

All the bridges described above are extraordinary structures built not only for the sake of comfortable movement between the shores, but also for the aesthetic satisfaction of citizens and visitors. It is because of this that they attract the attention of people with their views, especially when wings are spreading at night. Crossings in other Russian cities are no worse than those that became famous in St. Petersburg, so they also deserve attention.

True connoisseurs of drawbridges are simply obliged to pay attention to all of the above structures!

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