The best bridges of Russia built in the last 10 years

There are more than 2.5 million rivers in Russia, and since historically cities have almost always been built along water arteries, it is not surprising that we are the first country in the number of bridges. For 2016 in the Russian Federation there were 42 thousand of them. This is 2.1 million running meters. And not all of these structures are “typical”.

Murom bridge over the Oka

In 2013, the construction of the Most Beautiful Bridge of Russia in an online voting was won by a structure erected near Murom as part of the federal highway connecting Vladimir and Arzamas. This bridge unites two regions – Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod, and is known as the Murom bridge.

Its length is 1400 meters, the design feature is that it has only three pillars – two along the banks and one in the middle of the river. The spans between the supports are supported by cables that are attached to 90-meter-high reinforced concrete monoliths.

The bridge was built in 2009, it does not have the original cast-iron fences with embossing, lighting with stylized lampposts and it is not divorced (like the legendary Palace in St. Petersburg). And yet with the beauty of his little can argue – to make sure of this, just look at the photo of the bridge (especially with night lighting).

And yet, the popular “urban legend” says that in windy weather, the guys of the Murom Bridge make a sound that is barely distinguishable from female vocals …

Russian bridge in Vladivostok

And this handsome man has recently been well known to every citizen of the Russian Federation, because it is he who is depicted on a 2000-ruble bill. Its name was named after the island of Russian, which, thanks to the bridge in 2012, connected with the “mainland”, namely – with the Nazimov peninsula.

Russian bridge is really unique in many ways. For example, among all cable-stayed bridges in the world, it has the longest span – 1104 meters. And in terms of height, it is the second on the planet – 324 meters (the first is the French Viaduct Millau, it has 341 meters).

A distinctive feature of the Russian Bridge is the color and location of the cables. If you look at the bridge from the sea (and it is just across the sea – the Japanese), then the guys form spectacular pyramids in the colors of the Russian tricolor. Like many bridges, amazingly beautiful at night …

Bridge over the Petrovsky fairway

This cable-stayed bridge is located in St. Petersburg, it is part of a colossal engineering solution called the Western High-Speed Diameter. The bridge was opened in 2016, its length is 580 meters, the length of the central span is 240 meters.

The bridge over the Petrovsky fairway is not the longest, not the highest, it does not have any special architectural delights. But the one who saw him at least once, will never forget this magnificent building! Its feature is in the arrangement of the cables. They are attached to two rack pylons with a height of 124 meters and effectively “intertwined” in the air.

Due to the central location of the pylons and the large width of the bridge (three lanes in each direction), the cables from the pylons diverge in three planes relative to the level of the superstructure. This is a unique engineering solution, and there are no analogues at the bridge across the Petrovsky fairway.

Skybridge – the sky bridge in Sochi

In fact, Skybridge is the name of the park, but this entire park is essentially a bridge — the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. It was erected in the period from 2012 to 2014 between the rocks of the Ahshtyr gorge above the fierce waters of the Mzymta river.

The length of the Skybridge is 439 meters with a width (total!) Of 7 meters. This is the width of the structure as a whole, and not the part accessible to pedestrians, that is, two people of “confident” build will hardly disperse. And this only adds extreme, which is already missing here, because the floor … is slatted! And under your feet, for a minute, 207 meters of free fall.

Not surprisingly, Skybridge today is one of the most visited attractions in Sochi. The bridge is unique and has no analogues, by type of construction – suspended. And it is also interesting that Skybridge was built on the order of a private American travel company. Well, at least the architects were their own, domestic …

Picturesque bridge in Moscow

The picturesque is not only a characteristic of this bridge, but also its official name. It spread across the Moscow River, the opening took place on December 27, 2007. It is the highest among cable-stayed bridges in Europe – 105 meters. But for a casual observer the height of the structure is a minor moment.

What really attracts in the picturesque bridge is the pylon to which the guys are attached. It is made in the form of a colossal steel arch with a span of 182 meters and a total height of 90 meters. The arch is painted in a bright red color, so it is difficult to pass by the Scenic Bridge.

And yet, at the very top of the arch (more precisely, under it) there is a viewing platform, which is a closed ellipsoid of 33×24 meters. You can get there by one of the two lifts, and it’s worth it, because from the height opens an indescribable view of the Silver Forest …

Kerch Bridge

Speaking about the best bridges of the decade, it is impossible not to mention this “brainchild”, which was planned for almost a thousand years. Just so, the Tmutarakan prince Gleb, who spoke on this subject in 1064, wanted to combine the Kerch and Taman peninsulas. Alas, Tmutarakan did not have the technical capabilities to implement this idea, but the Russian Federation found them.

Construction of the Crimean Bridge was completed in 2018, at the moment it is one of the longest bridges in Europe and the longest bridge in Russia – 19 kilometers. In fact, these are two parallel bridges – road and rail (the railway bridge is supposed to open in 2019). Structurally, it is a truss bridge with a 227-meter arch over the main span.

The Crimean Bridge is unique not only in scale. Due to the turbulent situation in the region, a security zone has been formed around it and now it is the most protected bridge on the planet. It is covered by the Thor and Buk air defenses, the Predator speed boats and autonomous underwater vehicles, about which there is no information. So the apotheosis of bridge-building technologies of the 21st century has nothing to fear!

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