GlavMostoTrest produces items from concrete, reinforced concrete and metal structures for elements of high-rise buildings, highways and bridges.

Such products are in high demand it he sphere of private construction and urban improvement during laying of pedestrian, bicycle, urban and automobile roads in conditions of Saint Petersburg.

GlavMostoTrest has valid and historical technical information, using which we may build bridges, therefore, high-strength structures that maximally fit construction needs are made under expert surveillance.


Честная цена

Собственная производственная база и уникальный опыт в производстве сложных конструкций позволяет нам добиться оптимальной цены.


Сложные конструкции

Богатый опыт в мостостроении позволяет изготавливать самые сложные и долговечные металлоконструкции.


20 лет опыта

На протяжении 20-ти лет мы являемся одной из крупнейших компаний по производству металлоконструкций и строительству мостовых сооружений.



Вся наша продукция изготавливается из сертифицированных материалов, что обеспечивает надёжность на долгие годы.



В компании имеется собственный автопарк, который может доставить изготовленные металлоконструкции в нужное место.



Мы уверены в своей продукции и даём гарантию на изготовленную нами металлоконструкцию.

Что мы изготавливаем
У нас вы можете заказать изготовление и типовых,
и индивидуальных конструкций
ПДН плиты
и другие конструкции из металла

Бесплатная консультация
со специалистом


Products are made under the well-adjusted technology that was set up according to the applicable regulations and norms, with provision of quality control.

Complex and emergency-vulnerable sites of the highway require that road builders used the structures which durability and properties strictly correspond to the regulations.

GlavMostoTrest delivers to the place of construction of roads and crossovers any types of safeguards, elements or river, channel and transient bridges, pipes for water drain, driving equipment and framing of structures.

Manufacturing activities focused on production of:

  • Supports;
  • Beams;
  • Pontoons;
  • Frameworks;
  • Drainage pipes;
  • Framing.
Address of manufacture: Leningrad region, town Gatchina, 19 Stantsionnaya St.

The company manufactures elements of river crossings, supporting structures for equipment of embankments, frame parts of automobile tunnels and supportive pylons for main-line junctions.

Our company participates in laying of roads on hardly passable sites, when it is necessary to install a crossing, to lay a path through ground, to build a transport junction or equip a shore area. The sphere of activity includes as “turn-key” construction, so as supply of materials for realization of projects of other architects.

Own production

For transport construction
  • 1. Metal structures of big and out-of-class city, automobile and railway bridges as of routine, so as of the Northern execution for the zones A and B under individual projects.
  • 2. Metal superstructures and pylons of cable-stayed and suspension bridges under individual projects.
  • 3. Metal superstructures of combined bridges with passing of transport means on automobile and urban roads and railroad trains, or metropolitan trains, under individual projects.
  • 4. Metal structures of lifting. swing and retracting bridges under individual projects.
  • 5. Standard metal superstructures for railway load under projects: inventory number 821К with effective span 18,2 - 33,6 meters (integrally movable); inventory number 563 with effective span 18,2 - 33,6 m. with roadway on bottom boom, detachable; inventory number 1293 (instead of the project 690) with effective span 33,6 - 110 m. with roadway on bottom boom, grid-type; inventory number 1062 with roadway above, grid-type with effective span 44, 55, 66 meters.
  • 6. Metal superstructures of monorail roads and expansion joints to them.
  • 7. Metal superstructures of crossovers, elevated roads and viaducts under individual and standard projects.
  • 8. Metal superstructures of pedestrian crossings and interiors for them.
  • 9. Launching girders, tension rods, launching backs and connective elements under individual projects, for launching of the assembled joints of bridges and for suspension installation of superstructures.
  • 10. Supports for standard and individual automobile and railway superstructures.
  • 11. Metal structures for all kinds of expansion joints for urban and automobile road bridges.
  • 12. High-tension fasteners М22 and М24 (bolts, nuts and washers) from steel 40Х of standard and the Northern execution under GOST 22353-77*, 22353-77*, 22353-77*.
  • 13. Hook bolts for fastening of railroad bars to booms of superstructures, bolts and pins of normal precision.
  • 14. Weld groove for marine terminals, ports, fences of basins under TU5264-006-01393674-01.
  • 15. Grooved panels (grooved pipe fabricated profile) and (grooved pipe welded profile) from steel electric-weld longitudinal pipes with length 6 to 30 meters under TU 0925-007-01393674-03 "Grooved pipe welded profile".
  • 16. Metal water flow pipes with diameter up to 3 meters.
  • 17. Steel tubular piles – shells for girder-free supports of bridges with diameter 1.5 - 3,0 meters. Wall width up to 25 mm. Length up to 12 meters.
Metal structures for industrial and civil construction
  • 1. Pylons, girders of covering and connectors to them for industrial buildings and workshops.
  • 2. Metal structures of elevated roads and galleries.
  • 3. Crane rails for various loads of bridge cranes.
  • 4. Metal structures under individual orders.
  • 5. Metal fiber of machine-cut from slabs under TU ТУ 0991-125-46854090-2001 for manufacturing of fiber-concrete and steel-fiber-concrete items and structures instead of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
Bridge-construction, drilling and lifting-transportation equipment
  • 1. Casing pipes with diameter 600-2000 mm for manufacturing foundations of bridge supports.
  • 2. Poured-concrete pipes.
  • 3. Drilling instruments for construction.
    • Auger flights
    • Drilling buckets
    • Core extractors
  • 4. Manufacturing and repair of railroad cranes GEPK-130U.
  • 5. Pontoons KS-63.
  • 6. Torque wrenches for fastening of high-tension bolts during assembly of bridge metal structures.
Consumer goods and household items
  • 1. Artistic forged items made under the advanced German technology at the universal equipment with program control
  • 2. Metal sheds
  • 3. Greenhouse frames
  • 4. Fencing for summer cottages and private property.
  • 5. Metal tile and water drain systems of the type “Monterrey”
  • 6. Metal frames for easily mounted one- and two-tier buildings of any designation and penthouses.
  • 7. Grid for gabions.
  • 8. Millwork items: door frames, doors, window frames, and floor boards.

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