GMT is one of the major companies in Russia specializing in construction of bridges.

Well-qualified personnel, contemporary construction equipment, and wide experience of work in the sphere, together with the professional approach to business, guarantee the perfect result.

The company has been working in the sphere for more than 20 years; its major customers and partners are based mostly in Russia. The company office is located in Saint Petersburg, and the production facility is in the Leningrad region.

Our priority service is construction of bridge structures. Along with that, the company deals with construction of automobile roads, mains, highways, airports and other objects of industrial and civil construction.

All the executed works pass the internal quality control prior to the delivery of the object.
We carefully plan all the sequence of actions, from checking the quality of materials and utilities to performing tests on the built objects.
Executed construction objects
Item fleet of contemporary equipment
Kilometers of world-class tunnels


Currently, LLC “GlavMostoTrest” utilizes the contemporary equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers. The company has been successfully cooperating with domestic and foreign partners. Manufacturer’s servicing of the equipment through regional dealers is being growing as a trend.

Technical information on the construction works in process

All the superstructures are made from special low-alloyed bridge steels of marks 15ХSND, 10ХSND, and 09G2S, and are manufactured at the domestic steel works.

To properly prepare the surface of the bridge structure for anti-corrosion finishing, the surface of metal structures is processed in the wheel blasting and shot blasting chambers with further priming and enameling (upon request of the customer).The production facility provides all types of anti-corrosive protection.

High quality of welded seams and their reliability in operation are guaranteed by the ultrasound inspection.

To perform the welding process (automatic submerged arc welding, automatic and semi-automatic welding in the atmosphere of shielding gas), advanced equipment certified by NACWP is used.

Leadership of GlavMostoTrest
Director General
Аsoev Noda
Executive Director
Kolesnichenko Gennadij Sergeevich
Chief Engineer
Ignat'ev Viktor Vyacheslavovich
Chief Accountant
Kabachinova Lyubov' Аleksandrovna
Chief Power Engineer
Volkov Viktor Dmitrievich
Welding Manager
Konoplev Oleg Grigor'evich
Operations Manager
Vinichenko Аleksej Аleksandrovich
Chief Economist
Khatiani Yurij Mamudovich
Head of Construction and Assembly Site
Voloskov Stanislav Petrovich
Head of Construction and Assembly Works
Mytsyk Аleksandr Yur'evich
Head of OTK
Аmryan Temur Surikovich
Deputy Head of Construction and Assembly Section
Petrov Sergej Аleksandrovich
Deputy Chief Engineer
Suslov Аleksandr Vladimirovich
Head of Security Service
Monin Evgenij Sergeevich